Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cosmetic Cupcake Giveaway!!!!!

Cosmetic Cupcake is having a HUGE giveaway. Like HUGE!!!Its her 1 Year blog birthday and to celebrate shes giving away a LOT of goodies.
Go check this out you dont want to miss this!!! Giveaway Ends On Mar. 6

Cosmetic Cupcake Giveaway!

Deborah Lippmann-Bad Romance

Rahh! Rahh!....Ok I'ma let it go because I can't sing, but I just can't help but sing the song when I wear this!
It's a black jelly based with fuschia glitter. 2 coats

Friday, February 11, 2011

NOTD Essie Nice is Nice + Nubar 2010

I just love this combo. I got Nubar 2010 on Monday, and I just had to wear it. So I finally decide which to pair it with.

I just love it! Essie Nice is Nice is from the new Spring collection. Its so cute and soft and I just think its so sweet. I've been wanting 2010 or its dupes for the longest. Luckily I found it on Amazon for the same amount it cost just without the crazy shipping the Nubar site has.Usually I'll only wear my polish or my mani last for at least 3 days but these lasted me a whole week probably even more but now I'm done and ready for the next mani. I wonder what I'll come up with next.

OPI Serena Willians Glam Slam

No Im not talk about the one release already but 2 new ones. I found these on Mbeautylonge. Does anyone know if this site is legit. I've never order from it but its tempting me. Anywho, as you know Serena teamed up with OPI to make the first set (which im still waiting for) It had the Green Shimmer plus the new famed black shatter.
Well heres what in store for us now and I think I like it.

Spark de Triomphe Polish and White Shatter

The gold glitter above reminds me of the same type of glitter that the Justin beiber purple glitter has. It said that these should release in April. I'm excited already!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

OPI Pirates of The Caribbean? + Silver Shatter

Just looking to buy some new polishes and I came across these. I haven't heard about these before so its very new to me.

Skull & Glossbones, Steady as She Rose, Sparrow Me the Drama, Planks Alot, Stranger Tides, and Mermaid's Tears

I dont know how I feel about these quite just yet, but I am wondering why or how are the frillie, cute, adorable shades associate with pirates?!
Someone, Anyone, .... No One Knows.

Silver Shartter

Hey this looks nice. I've held off from buy the black shatter for three reason. A. Because OPI is kinda expensive. B. They're nowhere to be found. and C. China Glaze crackle polish will be mine in a few days. (I can't wait!!!) This one hopefully if it is not gone before I can buy it I will get my hands on it. I dont know when these are expected to come out, but the ones I'm looking forward to are Planks Alot, Mermaid's Tears
and the Silver Shatter.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sinful Colors New Shades Swatches

Sinful Colors have new shades but there has been no hype on these at all. Which is wierd I would rather see previews on these than a pile up of all ready seen pinks for Valentines Day (ughh). I kinda wish it was over already. Any who enough of being a V- Day hater. I picked these up at Walgreens as you can see they're a part of my weekend haul. I only got four, but I wished I would have gotten the dark green color (Last Chance) and the peachy color(Hazard).

The very first one that caught my eye was Unicorn. (I love! random thought)It's a pastel yellow creme. Its so buttery smooth. I would say its probably dupe for China Glaze Lemon Fizz but I dont own it. This was 4 coats.

Next up is Nirvana. This is my first brown shade ever. I love it! It's like chocolate has dripped on my nails and I could just take a bite. Im so glad I got this one. This 2 coats.

Savage. A teal but with more blue thats dries matte but more of a satin finish.I am so happy it had a different finish to it. I have several similar colors towards it so the satin/matte finish makes it awesome and more unique. 2 coats

and last is Why Not. Why not name this bright blue creme this? IDK why that would be the name but Whatever!! I like it but... I seen already three times. Like when I bought Sally H. Blue Me Away or better yet when I got my 3 free Zoyas' and got Robyn!! Yeah I pretty much have 3 of the same colors.(Not really happy) Its not a complete dupe of Zoya Robyn but if you do have the Sally Hansen one you dont need it. 2 coats.

I also compared it to Robyn just so you all could see.
Robyn is a little brighter
Index & Middle SC- Why Not Ring & Pinky Zoya- Robyn
(warning very sloppy)

If you get a chance you should definitely check these out they are super cute.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend Haul

I went shopping this weekend with my babes just picking up some stuff. Everytime I go shopping I HAVE to go look at the polishes just to make sure if there is something new.Nothing new but the Essie and Justin Beiber polish at Wal-Mart. My Walgreens didnt even carry Milani for a long time so me seeing them this weekend made me so happy. I got 3 of the new Milani glitters, and its looks to me that Sinful Colors has new shades. I no I haven't seen these before, but I havent heard anything about them. It was so surprising to me. I think there are at least seven new ones but I only got four.

Milani Gems, Purple Gleam,and Blue Flash

Nicole by OPI OMB, Essie Nice Is Nice

Sinful Colors Unicorn, Why Not, Nirvana, and Savage

Friday, February 4, 2011

China Glaze- Ahoy

This one of the shades from the new China Glaze Anchors Away Collection.Its a rasberry pink with pink and gold shimmery flecks in it. Its is so amazing and I didn't even want it at first. I'm so happy I did. This was 2 coats

Not one of my most wanted of the collection, but its growing on me.
Some people says its close to China Glaze Strawberry Fields but I dont own it to compare, but it is similar to Sinful Colors Forget Now. Ahoy is darker and Forget now shimmers are pink and silver.
Here a comparison of the two.

I actually like Ahoy better. It is such a pretty color.
Which would you prefer?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

2 Hauls 1 Week Yay Me!!

Oh my goodies!!! I ordered these from last week and I was so excited to get them.

Redi Top Coat, Lubu Heels, Pink-Rox-E, and He's Goin In Circles(HOLO!!!!)

GR8(HOLO!!),2 from the Anchors Away Collection Ahoy and Starboard,and another Redi TC.

It was soooo hard for me to choose which to wear first. I figured which one though. Ahoy! Pictures coming later. I'm still upset. I realllyy wanted sea spray but it wasn't available. Sea Spray is gone on most sites which really sucks!!! Hopefully I'll get my hands on it soon.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

LA Colors-Amethyst & A Night of Pain

Not feeling good , Sunday night I twisted my ankle.): I was in TEARS! like a little baby. I've never hurt myself this bad, but on a better note the same day I found this pretty color from LA Colors.


I found this at a Dollar General for a dollar (DUH!!!!)Lol
I used three coats It's a deep reddish- purple with pink and blue shimmers in it. It's so cute. I'm starting to love purples more and more.

My Zoya 3 Free Came Today!!!!!!! FINALLY!

I have been stalking my door all day for these. When I first read about this giveaway, I thought there was a catch. like really? They're not really giveaway free stuff but it was true! I had to jump on that right away. Only paying 6.95 for shipping and Zoya cost $7 a bottle each usually. That's saving money. Although the wait was terrible I ordered on the 7th and recieved it today!
Here's what I got...

Happi, Adina(My Favorite of the 3!), and Ivanka.

I just love these I'll be swatching them soon.
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