OPI Pirates of The Caribbean? + Silver Shatter

Just looking to buy some new polishes and I came across these. I haven't heard about these before so its very new to me.

Skull & Glossbones, Steady as She Rose, Sparrow Me the Drama, Planks Alot, Stranger Tides, and Mermaid's Tears

I dont know how I feel about these quite just yet, but I am wondering why or how are the frillie, cute, adorable shades associate with pirates?!
Someone, Anyone, .... No One Knows.

Silver Shartter

Hey this looks nice. I've held off from buy the black shatter for three reason. A. Because OPI is kinda expensive. B. They're nowhere to be found. and C. China Glaze crackle polish will be mine in a few days. (I can't wait!!!) This one hopefully if it is not gone before I can buy it I will get my hands on it. I dont know when these are expected to come out, but the ones I'm looking forward to are Planks Alot, Mermaid's Tears
and the Silver Shatter.


  1. interesting. these aren't the colors i would think of when it comes to pirates but they do look pretty.

  2. I know right they do look nice I just hope there will be more depth to them other than a creme finish.


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