2 Hauls 1 Week Yay Me!!

Oh my goodies!!! I ordered these from 8ty8beauty.com last week and I was so excited to get them.

Redi Top Coat, Lubu Heels, Pink-Rox-E, and He's Goin In Circles(HOLO!!!!)

GR8(HOLO!!),2 from the Anchors Away Collection Ahoy and Starboard,and another Redi TC.

It was soooo hard for me to choose which to wear first. I figured which one though. Ahoy! Pictures coming later. I'm still upset. I realllyy wanted sea spray but it wasn't available. Sea Spray is gone on most sites which really sucks!!! Hopefully I'll get my hands on it soon.


  1. whats your experience with the redi top coat? im planning on ordering it off 8ty8


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