Sinful Colors New Shades Swatches

Sinful Colors have new shades but there has been no hype on these at all. Which is wierd I would rather see previews on these than a pile up of all ready seen pinks for Valentines Day (ughh). I kinda wish it was over already. Any who enough of being a V- Day hater. I picked these up at Walgreens as you can see they're a part of my weekend haul. I only got four, but I wished I would have gotten the dark green color (Last Chance) and the peachy color(Hazard).

The very first one that caught my eye was Unicorn. (I love! random thought)It's a pastel yellow creme. Its so buttery smooth. I would say its probably dupe for China Glaze Lemon Fizz but I dont own it. This was 4 coats.

Next up is Nirvana. This is my first brown shade ever. I love it! It's like chocolate has dripped on my nails and I could just take a bite. Im so glad I got this one. This 2 coats.

Savage. A teal but with more blue thats dries matte but more of a satin finish.I am so happy it had a different finish to it. I have several similar colors towards it so the satin/matte finish makes it awesome and more unique. 2 coats

and last is Why Not. Why not name this bright blue creme this? IDK why that would be the name but Whatever!! I like it but... I seen already three times. Like when I bought Sally H. Blue Me Away or better yet when I got my 3 free Zoyas' and got Robyn!! Yeah I pretty much have 3 of the same colors.(Not really happy) Its not a complete dupe of Zoya Robyn but if you do have the Sally Hansen one you dont need it. 2 coats.

I also compared it to Robyn just so you all could see.
Robyn is a little brighter
Index & Middle SC- Why Not Ring & Pinky Zoya- Robyn
(warning very sloppy)

If you get a chance you should definitely check these out they are super cute.


  1. This post is SO helpful! I just linked to it on my blog in a post I did about the new SC shades. LOVE your swatches! Thanks! :)

  2. I found them on a great sale so picked up all the new ones! Thanks for swatching these - Nirvana looks amazing on you - I wasn't sure what it would look like next to brown skin (didn't stop me from buying it though!)


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