Weekend Haul

I went shopping this weekend with my babes just picking up some stuff. Everytime I go shopping I HAVE to go look at the polishes just to make sure if there is something new.Nothing new but the Essie and Justin Beiber polish at Wal-Mart. My Walgreens didnt even carry Milani for a long time so me seeing them this weekend made me so happy. I got 3 of the new Milani glitters, and its looks to me that Sinful Colors has new shades. I no I haven't seen these before, but I havent heard anything about them. It was so surprising to me. I think there are at least seven new ones but I only got four.

Milani Gems, Purple Gleam,and Blue Flash

Nicole by OPI OMB, Essie Nice Is Nice

Sinful Colors Unicorn, Why Not, Nirvana, and Savage


  1. Thanks for the picture of the new sinfuls!
    I am going to have to keep my eyes open for them, especially Nirvana, and Savage.

  2. hahah i'm the same way! i have to check for polishes! nice haul! and i love the sinful colors in unicorn. i'm a sucker for yellows and the name, though strange, is another selling point for me :D


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