NOTD Essie Nice is Nice + Nubar 2010

I just love this combo. I got Nubar 2010 on Monday, and I just had to wear it. So I finally decide which to pair it with.

I just love it! Essie Nice is Nice is from the new Spring collection. Its so cute and soft and I just think its so sweet. I've been wanting 2010 or its dupes for the longest. Luckily I found it on Amazon for the same amount it cost just without the crazy shipping the Nubar site has.Usually I'll only wear my polish or my mani last for at least 3 days but these lasted me a whole week probably even more but now I'm done and ready for the next mani. I wonder what I'll come up with next.


  1. this combo is cooo cute ! I really need to get some Essie for this spring ;)

  2. This combo is so pretty! I wonder if hidden treasures would give same effect


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