Top 10 Polishes of 2011- #6-10

It's finally about that time to say goodbye to this crazy year of 2011. It has been one hell of a rollercoaster ride this year and There has been lots, and lots of awesome polishes to debut on the nail scene, so here is my top 10 of 2011!

So lets see who's #10!
Drumrolls please.......Nicole by OPI- Kendall On The Katwalk.

This was from the Kardashian Kolor Collection exclusive to Wal-Mart
I knew I wanted this as soon as saw other swatches. I love this polish because it has mainly this teal blue glitter, but then they sprinkled in some purple and green glitter to make it super awesome!!!

Next in the #9 spot is..... China Glaze- Glittering Garland.

I told you this is my fave green now so it obviously had to be in the top 10.
I recently swatch this and knew I loved it. Once again it's a deep green shimmer with gold flecks in it

The number 8 spot is.... Zoya- Rica

I was lovin this all summer! It was from the Sunshine Collection.
I loved this shimmery golden, coral, orange.

Next is number 7 Zoya- Caitlyn.
I have another Zoya on my top 10.

I was so suprised that this was my favorite from the Intimates collection. I really thought I'd be in love with Danni or Gemma but Caitlyn struck me and I love that it did.

I first swatched ages ago it seems with OPI black Shatter
This brings back so many memories....

and the number 6 spot is.... China Glaze- Ahoy.

This is one of my first polishes that I ever posted on.
I hate those pics lol but I do love this polish!
It's like rasberry puree with gold dust sprinkled through it I just love it!

Well that's all for now stick around til next year to see my top 5 polishes. Lol!

Thanks for reading!!!



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