China Glaze OMG Swatches!!!

Hey ladies I have been dying to show this polish off just because I have been lemming this for ages!!!!! Awhile back I won a contest from Linda of Copy That Copy Cat, who by the way is very talented in nail art and her pics are super flawless. So I waited, waited, waited and finally this showed up. I opened, I gasp, and I died!!!

OMG is from the OMG collection from 2008. I hate it so much that I missed out on most of them, and now it's so hard to find them for a good price. So I'm so grateful to win this because I would never think of owning it. 

It is a sliver linear holo. It's kinda and thin but it was fine after 3 coats.

I definately have to try this in the sun soon because there hasn't been any sun out lately.
This polish is just amazing I am still in shock that I own it! If you don't have it you got to find it and don't stop until you do!!! It's definately worth the hunt. Once again thank you Linda for giving me this and ending my quest for it!!!

Thanks for reading!!!



  1. Congrats on winning OMG, it looks fabulous on you! And thank you so much for supporting my giveaway :)


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