Zoya-Charla and Lightning Bolt

I'm finally getting time to post this!!! Irene thankfully spared us of complete destruction, but before she left she deciede to take out the cable company! Ughh!! So now it's back in and I can get back to the regularly schedule post.

Now I had to wear Zoya's Charla before summer was completely over. I hate going back into fall. Its so hard to say good bye to summer, but it has to go.

So anyway, I decided to do the lightning bolt tape mani, which is so cute!!!
Mine came out ok,not as perfect as should be, but I'm impatient and that's what I get for rushing! Also, I used Milani Fresh Teal on my ringfinger as the base and WnW Ebony Hates Chris(Black Cream) for the lightning bolt.
Came out kinda Cute HUH!!! I just love teals!!

I definately think I will try this mani again!


  1. Very cute, I love it! And you did a great job with the bolt! :)


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