Glam Slam England Swatches

Hi ladies, finally got time to do this post. I have swatches of the England Glam Slam which came out a little while ago. I loved these colors and I wanted them so freaking bad! Like I envied some you gals who had them already but its all good now I got and and so happy for the price I payed for them but I tell you about that later.

First off is Grape.Set.Match.
It's a red based purple with fuschia shimmer. It also have tiny blue glitters in it. I just love this color! 3 Coats

and next is Servin' Up Sparkle
It's a holo glitter with large hexogonal glitters.
I had to have this one. I knew it had to be super close to OPI Disco Ball.
I layered 2 Coats over GSM.
I wished there had been more large glitters in it as they were spaced out, and barely had any on my nail with out forcing them on my brush!

Overall, I loved this set! I love purples and glitter which made this a great buy.

Plus!! I paid $1.38 for this set off Amazon!!!! WTF!!!
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