Glam Slam US Open Swatches

This is the newest and last installment to the Serena Glam Slam Duos.
This was a gift from my sis and her husband for my B-day. I was beyond excited.

Love Is A Racket is a red with fuschia glass flecks. It's super pigmented
2 coats

lastly is Pros & Bronze
It's a gold with pink flecks of glitter. It's a douchrome and a foil.
I am in love with this it's just the perfect gold.
3 Coats
I love the two colors but Pros & Bronze is my favorite. It is a must HAVE!!! If you don't have it get it!


  1. Love Is A Racket looks so beautifully on you!

  2. Pros & Bronze is GORGEOUS!!! Must have!

  3. wow, what a great gift!

    they both look gorgeous!


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