One Lovely Blog Award

I've got this blog award from DRINKCITRA! a month ago. I really appreciate it! Sorry it took so long!!! She has an awesome blog with the most cutest designs and manis! :)

1) Link back to the person you got it from, 2) Tell seven things about yourself, 3) Give the award to ten bloggers

Seven things about myself:
1. I'm DEATHLY afraid of butterflies (just the thought of them makes me cringe. Ewwwww!)
2. I first got into nail polish in late 2009 of my senior year in my Art class.
3. I go to Youtube often to watch designs and polish collections.
4. I watches show or award events with celebrites and will point out every little detail about there nails. For ex...Me and BF were watching All Star Weekend. Rhianna performed and she had a half moon mani, and I think the colors were red and gold. He look at me like I was crazy! LOL!
5. I once ran into a sattelite box when I was liitle. I was running from a Chihuahua "Total Embarressment!!!"
6. I watch Bad Girls Club religiously!!! There's nothing like watching drunk bitches fighting!
7. I go to etailers regularly, even if I'm not buying anything, and will fill up the cart. LOL!!!

I'm passing this award to the following AWESOME blogs:


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