Zoya Lovely Tape Manicure

Hey ladies! I am showing this mani I did these using some of the lovely colors from the Zoya Lovely Collection!
I did a striping tape mani to create this look. I bought this striping tape from Amazon.

I used Jacqueline as the base. I also used Julie, Neely and Blu for the triangle stripes.

I love this mani and how it turned out. The colors are made for each other! Hope you guys liked these!

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  1. Looks awsome! amazing colour combo.
    I love this mani.

  2. I love this look, all the colours go really well together! xx

  3. That's really pretty!
    I didn't like Jacqueline on her own (I'm not a yellow an haha) but it's amazing once mixed with the other colors :)

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