Zoya Lovely Collection Swatches

It's almost that time of the year again! I love when I seen spring collections come out. It is like a breath of fresh air. So when I first saw the new Zoya collection I was so excited!Let check out these shades shall we!

Blu is a light pastel blue creme. It is the only brand new one in the collection. I love it! I wore it with Neely for a week and they were perfect together This 2 Coats

These 2 were from the Peter Som NYFW Spring Collection
Jacqueline is gorgeous! It is a light nude creme with a hint of shimmer. You can't really see on the nail though. This 3 Coats.

Neely is my favorite! It is a light pastel green creme. This 2 Coats.

These 3 were from the Zang Toi NYFW Spring Collection
Julie is a light purple shimmer. It is so gorgeous! I actually saw one of last year's NOPI- One Big Happily Fame-ily that looked very similar to this. This 3 Coats

Piaf is a dusty yellow shimmer. It not a typical sunny yellow, but I like the dustiness of it. Makes it really unique. This is 3 coats.

Gei Gei not GieGie is a princess pink shimmer. It is totally a Barbie or Cinderella pink. This 3 Coats

I am so loving these! For one I just love pastels! Two the all are super gorgeous and very fresh! These colors just scream Spring! I have two say Neely and Blu are to die for! I personally love Jacqueline because I have became a nude lover. This collection is available now on Zoya website for $8. Hope you guy give them a try!

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  1. Do these nail polishes last? I heard they are somewhat thick/chunky and if they sit for a couple months they become unusably chunky. I constantly type/use my nails/fingers all day and OPI and store bought nail polishes last 1 day!

    1. Oh no! I have had some Zoya polishes for a few years now and none of them every have been chunky. I think it really depends on how much you use it because most polishes you tend to use a lot get thicker after a while, but polish thinner will take care of that problem easily.
      And for the chipping problem its best to find a good top coat and base coat that works for your nails.

  2. Very Lovely swatches. Blu is a beau.

    And Maj, Zoya is one of the best brand of polishes out there. They do last a while on your nails and they're 5-free polishes without all the hurtful harsh chemicals some companies put in their polishes.

    You should give them a try.

    If you do get these polishes in this post, Be aware that the creams are a bit runny but they build up nicely and look great with a topcoat.
    The Shimmers are lovely and have a great finish.

    Also as Niesha stated, A Good Topcoat certainly will help you wear your polishes for a longer period. Try Seche Vite Topcoat.

  3. Love love love these shades! And they look brilliant on your skin tone! <3


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