Barielle Runway Fever Collection Swatches!

Hey everyone first of all Happy New Years 2013!!!!!! I am so behind in posting is sad, but I will not let that stop me! I have been incognito for the holidays Lol! I hope everyone had an awesome christmas and also hope that your new years started better than mine!

I posted Barielle New York Style Collection awhile back and now their other fall collection was this one the Runay Fever Collection! No more waiting; lets dive right in!

Erica's Pencil Skirt is a dark red creme. It is really pretty. I am still in shocked that I am liking this shade!
This is 3 Coats

Jordana's Skinny Jeans is a gorgeous dark blue metallic shimmer.I like this one also it is very pigmented. This was 2 Coats.

One Shade of Gray is medium gray creme. Every one needs a great grey. This is that one. It is 2 Coats.

Allie's Lace Cover Up is a light pink creme. It  is very nice soft pink It is 3 Coats

Rusted Vintage Boots is somehow my favorite of this collection! It is a clay brownish red. It kinda reminds of the dirt roads back in Georgia. This is 2 Coats.

I really like these shades. Some were very unexpected like Rusted Vintage Boots and others like One Shade of Grey are the if you are a grey kinda gal or just need a nice grey this is the one. You can get these on Barielle site.  I hope you guys like these and go get yours if you have not already!

Also Barielle's is having an awesome promotion going on from today  Jan. 7 until Jan. 14 where you can get their Nail Strengthener Cream for free if you buy 2 or more shades! I really love that stuff! It really does help. So if you would like to get the Nail Strengthener Cream make sure not to miss out on this awesome deal!

                                                                                                 (Product sent for review)
Thanks again for reading! Hope you guys stay tuned and love your nails!
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  1. Allies Lace cover up thougH!!! Omg! Gorgeous.

    These are so pretty.


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