Purple and Glitter Mix Nail Art Mani

Hey ladies! I am so happy to say my blog hit 2 years this past weekend! Yay! I have been up and down and I am glad I keep sticking in with it! Thanks to all you guys who have commented, pinned my pictures or liked my post on facebook I really appreciate you guys love!  I so wish I could do something for you guys who have been here commenting and just showing love, but I am in a process of moving so right now isn't the best time. Can't wait till I get situated!

Today I am showing this simple yet cute mani I did. I love mixing different designs and creating mix manicures. I used Essence-.A Lovely Secret, Funky Fingers- Paparazzi, and Kleancolor- Disco Ball.

This is what I did on each nail;
Thumb: Gradient- Glitter/Color
Index: Patchwork
Middle: Gradient- Color/Glitter
Ring: Glitterbomb
Pinkie: Bow

I loved this mani! I actually wore for almost a week and that's saying something! I love how the glitter nail look. It started with just Paparazzi which is a fine blue, purple, glitter in a clear base. So I wanted to added depth to it by adding Disco Ball on top which is just like Paparazzi but the glitter is larger. I hope you guys like these!

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  1. looks just perfect- i love the colours and the delicate glitter :)
    to be honest, I haven't worn any mani longer than a 3 days! :)

  2. Wow, that funky fingers purple glitter is aaamazingly beautiful! I love your skittles manicure. Very pretty :D


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