SPAM!!! Zoya Collection

Here is my Zoya Collection. I love Zoya so much. Like this is the only brand that is always having some type of deal or promo on there polishes. I have only actually purchase 3 out of 24 of these without any type of promo which is a little, tiny bit sad but hey!! They offer deals that I must act opon!

From Left to Right:Marley, Zara, Adina, Dannii,Caitlyn, Neeka, Faye, Jem, and Julieanne

From Left to Right:Mitzi, Apple, Ivanka, Gemma, and Yara

From Left to Right:Jules, Dove, Robyn, Phobe, Charla ,and Crystal
From Left to Right:Rica, Happi, Lolly, and Nova

 I have way more purples which is crazy because pink and green are my favorite colors!


  1. LMAO you wanna know a secret?
    I have 27 bottles of Zoya polish and haven't paid full price for any of them. AHAHAHA.

  2. I love Zoya polishes! My collection is small but growing also due to their great promos- gotta love a great deal, right? Great collection!


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