Orly- Frisky Checkered Nails

I got this in the mail Saturday and I was so excited. I got it off of Amazon with a giftcard that I got from Swagbucks which made it completely free!!! This is the blue I have been searching for!!! It's a bright aqua blue creme.
2 Coats
I love this color!!!
I chose to do a checkered design on them because I think it's a cute and fun look. I kinda fubbed up some of them. I don't know how I ended up skipping spaces!. LOL!!

Pretty cute, If I wouldn't had missed some. LOL!!XP


  1. Love the blue. Love the checkerboard design. Really cool.

  2. Super cute! This is the one color I didn't get from that collection. I love getting stuff from swagbucks for free!

  3. It looks awesome with the checkered design!


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