Sally Hansen-Fuschia Power and Cheetah, Lace Print Mani

This one the first few polishes that I started buying. It's a hot fuschia pink. Its so fun and bright. I don't think I'll ever just stray away from summer colors for too long really. I just Love the fun and brightness of them.

I also had to bring some cheetah print back in my life. So I put the blue dots on with Zoya-Robyn and added lace detail where I left space.
here the look!
Very cute bright and fun! What do you guys think? Do you follow the fall trends to a T and ditch the bright colors, or say to hell with that! I do what I want! Let me know!!!


  1. I say hell no! Bright colors will stand out in fall's cloudy days! I'm sticking with my brights and you are too!

    p.s. I'm your new follower! hi!

  2. I Love it! I say hell to the NO! I do what I want! If it's not bright, then it's not right! :-)


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