I'm back!! Plus the awesome stuff I found while I was gone! Lemmings Put to Rest!

WELL!! I am so happy to finally be posting its been so long! I am finally in Georgia my home state. It's a great thing, but I had to leave someone I really love. I miss him so much. Sometimes I just feel incomplete. Back to high notes before cry, I have good bit of stuff to show since I been gone, but first I want to show all my pretties.
First this was my Sally's Haul from last month.
China Glaze:Lemon Fizz, Hyper Haute, Electra Magenta
Orly:Star of Bombay, Sapphire Silk, and Nina Pro:Purple X-ing
Next are my Sally Hansens Xtreme Wear
Gunmetal, Sun Kissed, Twisted Pink, Purple Potion

Here are the ones I bought from Wal-Mart
I couldn't even find the Hard Candy where I stayed in Va.
Essie: Sand Tropez, Demure Vix(en), and Hard Candy:Beetle

Here are some randoms I got from different places
Kleancolor: Neon Green, Peaceful Heart, and NYX Girls:Collection Noir

Jessie's Girl:Fire Fly, and Arissa:Rockin Amethyst

And now the big find of all. I wasn't even looking for them I guest it was just my time to find them. I went to Merle Normans in my mall and it was my first time going in there. I was so excited seeing the new collections that at first I didn't even look through the rack. I saw some great polishes. First I saw Sapphire In The Snow and was like OMG! I have to have it. Then I saw Shim-merry Chic and said "WOW WHAT IF THEY WOULD HAVE MERRY MIDNIGHT? And then I looked over at this beautiful, flaky, shimmery, purple bottle of goodnest. I LOST IT! LOL here's is how I sound when I saw it OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG! OMF#%&ING GOD!! ARE U F#*&ING SERIOUS!!! I had a HEART ATTACK! I literally hid them behind other colors so no one would find them, ran to the car and bought them! (LOL who leaves there wallet in the car when at the mall! silly me!)
Here the are my beauties!

Now that I'm done showing all my newer polishes its off to swatching, some nail art, and whatever else comes to mind.
Thank for reading!!


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