Friday, October 26, 2012

Sation- Holiday Golightly Press Release

Hey!!! I have some press to show you guys from Sation!

Happy “Holiday Golightly” from Miss
Holidays are a time for all things fabulous: parties, presents, and polish! Miss Professional Nail
(Miss) is ringing in the season with “Holiday Golightly,” a shimmering new collection of nail
lacquers. These six sparklers are a great idea for fun stocking stuffers and to accessorize your
New Year’s Eve look!

Miss’ Creative Director Staci Dao wanted to celebrate the joy of gift-giving (and receiving!) by
reminding us to pamper ourselves and our loved ones this season. Silver screen icon Audrey
Hepburn captured our hearts playing free-spirited fashionista Holly Golightly, whose love of
shiny gems helped inspire Miss in creating this wish list of winter stunners.
From the timeless, Tiffany-inspired blue to unique reds and greens, these luxe shades will light
up your holiday season: “Under the Miss-letoe,” a pearlescent pine green; “Feliz Navi-doll,” an
icy crystalline grayish-white; “I Love Yule,” a velvety poinsettia red; “Let’s Mingle & Jingle,” a
silver-spangled sapphire blue; “Holiday Golightly,” a glistening Robin’s egg blue, and “Stop
Scrooging Around,” a gold-sparkled ruby wine. ‘Tis the season to channel our inner Holly
Golightly and embrace the Miss mantra that “It’s the little pleasures that count…”
If you don’t the find the Holiday Collection under your tree, it will also be available online and
in beauty supplies in late October.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Gold Glitter Gradient with Delicate Design and Rhinestones!

Hola Chicas!!! I am in a festive mood my hometown is having their annual festival/homecoming parade. Although I won't be there to bask in all the festivities, I still love it when the time comes. Plus I will be calling my best friend to gossip about what happening!

Speaking off festive I have these gorgeous nails to show. They are fun and great to party with!
I got this design by Tartofrasies you can check it out on her blog. I love her designs and this one was beautiful I had to attempt it!
I really love the gradient of the gold and the black details against a crisp white it makes it stand out. I also love the rhinestones to give it some added bling effect.

I used:
Pure Ice- Magic Base Coat(white)
China Glaze- Blonde Bombshell and White Cap
Milani- Gold
Black Acrylic Paint
Gold Rhinestones

I really love these and I'm so happy that it all came out so well! Hope you all like these. I loved them!

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sation- Little Horse on the Prairie Collection

Hi all! I have the Sation's Little Horse on the Prarie Collection to show today. There six shades that are perfect for fall.

First up is Ring Around The Horsie. It is a maroon brick red creme. I liked it way more on the nail than just looking at the bottle. It totally shocked me. This 2 coats.

Blue Sky's the Limit is a sky blue creme. This 2 Coats

Rock-A-Guy Blue is a gorgeous navy blue creme. I think this one is perfect for Fall. Love it! This 2 Coats.

Prarie Fairy is a warm tone nude creme. It was slightly thick but nothing too hard to work with. I also found that because it is thicker it makes for perfect stamping! This 2 Coats

Sun Worship-Her! Hot gorgeous Orange red jelly. I loved this one. It is very bright and is one of those transitioning colors that just is perfect! This 3 Coats

Weed Out the Wimps is a sage army green cream. It is super perfect for Fall. I love this one!
This is 2 Coats.

This collection is perfection! They all applied well, a few were slightly thick but not to much to deal with. My favorites were Sun Worship-her, Prairie Fairy, and Weed Out the Wimps. They are available on the Sation website and also could be found in stores like TJ Max, Marshalls, and Winners.
Hope you guys get you like them!

(Products sent for review.)

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Monday, October 22, 2012

TIHC Day 22- Gradient!

Hey!!! Second post of today! I wanted to get this one out there. I already knew exactly what I wanted for this challenge! As you can see today's challenge is a Gradient!
I wanted a purple and black look so I chose Zoya- Neeka and for the black I used LA Colors- Black Velvet.

I think this a cute, dark, and mysterious, gradient it fits for Halloween perfectly!

Check out the these girls who also are taking the challenge!

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TIHC Day 19- Bats

Hey ladies! I am late once again, BUT I had a reason to be. I really want everything to look perfect so I will be late if I have too. I know you all are gonna love these! Day 19 was BATS! I had so many ideas and didn't know exactly how to attempt them, or how I wanted them to come out. I finally watched a Robin Moses video on Youtube and figured it all out. (=
I loved these!!!! I love the bats, I did half moons, and a little crackle. Gotta show some love to my crackles from time to time!
I used:
OPI- Did It On Em
Pure Ice- Strobelight
Lechat- White(striper)
Black Acrylic Paint

Pretty Cool nails I would say! How do you guys like them?

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Colorful Ruffian Watermarble!

Hey all! I totally forgot that I did these nails before I went to Georgia over the summer. I was trying out water marbling and it scares me! I kind messed up the base of my nails with the tape so that's the reason I outline them, but I think that is a cute addition!

I started with a white base and used Zoya- Wednesday, Shelby and Jesse's Girl- Spring Break.
Then I outlined it with black paint.

I thought this were really cute. The colors were really perfect together also. Maybe I will start doing water marbling a little more. Maybe....

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Zoya- Ornate Winter Collection

Hey ladies I have been so anxious to see these since I first heard about! This collection is so glamorous with high shine jewels of color; serving sparkle and glitter that you just can not resist!

First up is Aurora. A purple jelly base with scatter holographic shimmer. I love it.The holo effect is really noticeable! This is 2 Coats.

Next is Blaze. A cranberry red jelly base with scatter holographic shimmer. This one was less noticeable than Aurora but it is still really pretty. This 2 Coats.

Ziv is a gorgeous gold foil shimmer with golden flecks in it. I love it is my favorite! This 2 Coats

Electra is silver holographic bar-glitter in a clear base. I do like this, but I did think it would be a shard glass-like glitter. I do love the bar glitter. This would really be good as top coat.This 2 Coats.

Logan is a deep green with gold shimmers. I love it!!!! OMG I have said that about all the polishes but I really like this one it is so gorgeous and the green just reminds me of a christmas tree! This 2 Coats

Storm is another favorite! It's black jelly base with scatter holographic shimmer. This is like the night sky with twinkling lights to me. I love it. This is 2 Coats.

I LOVE this collection it has everything you could ask for. I love that there are some holographic polishes, I love the shimmers, and the glitter. All of the polishes applied easily. No problems what so ever.  It also just lets me know that we're are slightly closer to getting some super linear holos in the future fingers crossed!

If you don't have any of these yet you can go check Zoya's website and get them for $8 each.

(Products were sent for review)

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