TIHC Day 19- Bats

Hey ladies! I am late once again, BUT I had a reason to be. I really want everything to look perfect so I will be late if I have too. I know you all are gonna love these! Day 19 was BATS! I had so many ideas and didn't know exactly how to attempt them, or how I wanted them to come out. I finally watched a Robin Moses video on Youtube and figured it all out. (=
I loved these!!!! I love the bats, I did half moons, and a little crackle. Gotta show some love to my crackles from time to time!
I used:
OPI- Did It On Em
Pure Ice- Strobelight
Lechat- White(striper)
Black Acrylic Paint

Pretty Cool nails I would say! How do you guys like them?

Check out the these girls who also are taking the challenge!

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