TIHC Day 15: Zombies!

Hey all yes! I'm finally getting caught up! Yesterday's challenge was ZOMBIES!!! Speaking of Zombies I was so excited to see the new season episode of Walking Dead! It was awesome and also was a lot of inspiration for this nail challenge. I was so confused what to do!!! So after I did the previous challenge I started experimenting with this idea in my head. This is what I finally came up with.

I scraped bits of paint off my nails from the Jack-O-Lantern Challenge and smear it all over them again. I took and some black and red polishes and smeared, splattered, and pressed on to my nails and skin. Then I to some black eye shadow and rubbed it on my hands to give them a dirty effect.

I used
Sally Hansen- Black Out, Red Hot
Sation- Ring Around the Horsie
Previous mani polishes smeared over my nails
Black Eye Shadow

Scary!!! Watch your back I might bite you! Lol! I hope you guys liked them! I had so much fun making a big mess! I think I had polish and eye shadow everywhere!!!!

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