Zoya- Ornate Winter Collection

Hey ladies I have been so anxious to see these since I first heard about! This collection is so glamorous with high shine jewels of color; serving sparkle and glitter that you just can not resist!

First up is Aurora. A purple jelly base with scatter holographic shimmer. I love it.The holo effect is really noticeable! This is 2 Coats.

Next is Blaze. A cranberry red jelly base with scatter holographic shimmer. This one was less noticeable than Aurora but it is still really pretty. This 2 Coats.

Ziv is a gorgeous gold foil shimmer with golden flecks in it. I love it is my favorite! This 2 Coats

Electra is silver holographic bar-glitter in a clear base. I do like this, but I did think it would be a shard glass-like glitter. I do love the bar glitter. This would really be good as top coat.This 2 Coats.

Logan is a deep green with gold shimmers. I love it!!!! OMG I have said that about all the polishes but I really like this one it is so gorgeous and the green just reminds me of a christmas tree! This 2 Coats

Storm is another favorite! It's black jelly base with scatter holographic shimmer. This is like the night sky with twinkling lights to me. I love it. This is 2 Coats.

I LOVE this collection it has everything you could ask for. I love that there are some holographic polishes, I love the shimmers, and the glitter. All of the polishes applied easily. No problems what so ever.  It also just lets me know that we're are slightly closer to getting some super linear holos in the future fingers crossed!

If you don't have any of these yet you can go check Zoya's website and get them for $8 each.

(Products were sent for review)

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  1. I love the fact that they are doind something that's a bit different for them but was a little let down by this collection. I'd love to see a true holographic line from them.

  2. Ooh I really like Electra and Storm!


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