Illamasqua- Nomad Cloud Mani

Hey ladies! I'm am so excited about this post. From the time my eyes gazed upon Nomad by Illamasqua, I knew it had to be mine. Unfortunately the price tag does not match my budget, so I never thought I'd be able to own it. Until! I started using Wrapp; where you can get $5 GC from Sephora and other sites. I combined some and I actually got this for a whopping $5.65!!!! Now isn't that awesome?

Nomad is a bright Turquoise creme. It was from their Human Fundamentalism Collection. Everything about this is perfect. Application was great and it dried very quick. I used 2 coats and added a top coat because it doesn't have much shine to it, but I'm not complaining!

Just pure gorgeous-ness!!!! I can wear this forever!

I did this cloud mani with Zoya-Dove and Color Club- Blue-Ming.

I really like this mani. Since this was my first ever Illamasqua I really want more Nomad is all lonely, and it needs some brother and sisters. Anyone care to donate some? No just kidding lol! I hope you all like this mani and my love for this polish it is serious in my top favorites now!

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  1. Gorgeous color! Totally a steal at the price you got! I love the nail art too. :)


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