China Glaze- Blue Sparrow

Blue Sparrow is such a gorgeous polish! It is one of my first few polishes that started my whole obsession for polishes. It has a medium blue base jelly and blue glitter. I love this blue to death! My only problem is that it takes 3-4 coats to be complete and opaque to me, but I think I can overlook that flaw. (=

I was surprisingly complimented when I wore this color! (I felt so special) Also this naturally dries matte so you may want a top coat or not. It could be a cool to have the glossed and matte mani for this one! Hope you guys like this it is super pretty!

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  1. I recently bought this polish but i didn't realize it was matte, but it is still pretty

  2. I enjoy your blog. You do a really good job. Plus, I envy your nail beds! LOL! keep up the good work. I love visiting this site.

    1. OMG thank you so much! Girl this is an illusion you don't want these nails!! lol!

  3. Aaaw, this looks like a perfect true blue. I need a polish like this!


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