Zoya Sunshine Collection Swatches

Today I'm showing 3 polishes from Zoya Sunshine Collection.
The collection has 6 colors but I only picked the ones that I was absolutely sure I loved.

First off is Apple
Its a yellow green with gold shimmers. I LOVE it!!3x. Its like a sparkling Granny Smith Apple, which are my fav! So this is like so beautiful to me.
It also looks like a lighter version of Ivanka.(They could be sisters!)
3 coats

It's a peachy, coral pink with orange undertones and golden shimmers. I was a little scared about this one seeing pictures around other blogs. It gave me mixed thoughts on it, but once I tried it for myself I was in love. I just love pink and gold mixed together.They always make great combos.
3 coats

And last but not least, the star of them all Faye.
A plum purple with golden brownish shimmer.
*Quick pause!* I just notice I've compared all these to fruit! LOL
Even the ones I didn't get seems fruity.
When I first saw the preview of it I was like What The Hell Is THAT? I didn't know if it was purple or a discombobulated (I dont know this word I jus like using it LOL!) mixture of things, which it is, but I LOVE it. It is totally different than any other color I've ever seen. It's so beautiful and sparkly.
3 Coats

These three are absolutely stunning! They have this glow in them that makes them super pretty, and the golden shimmer makes them very warm. The finish on them are somewhat foil-ish like last summer Sparkle Collection and they all were sheer and had VNL but it didn't bother me at all. Clean up afterwards was a tragic mess with those little glitters all over my hands, but for these I'm willing to sacrifice.

That's all for now & thanks for reading!


  1. They are so pretty, can´t believe it!

  2. Zoya makes the best polishes *sigh* They are all so gorgeous, I really like the green one on you. ^^ Great swatches!

  3. love all the colors you picked! Apple is m fav.

  4. Grrrr...your post is not helping me! LOL I think I want these...they all look beautiful on you.

  5. You picked the exact same three that I did! Gorgeous on you!

  6. OMG, these are stunning!!! I need them!

  7. Those are so. pretty. And they look smashing on you. :)

    A little tip that I learned and that really helps me? Do cleanup on each nail as needed, as you paint it. That way, you are refining wet polish. You don't have to try to clean through many layers, including topcoat that are dry or nearly dry. I find it soooo much easier and faster with all types of polishes, including glitter or heavy duty shimmers.


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