Zoya Modmattes Collection Swatches

Zoya Modmattes Collection is one of the new summer collections that Zoya just came out with. It's a limited editon collection that includes 3 matte shades. I was so excited when I first saw these in the magazine that came with my intimates collection. I knew these were definitely a must have!

Mitzi:Lime Green Matte. Its is very bright, almost neon even. I just fell in love with Mitzi.

3 coats

With Top Coat

With a top coat on it it looks very similar to Pure Ice Wild Thing only its a little more yellow

Lolly:Hot Pink Matte. Very girly and cute. I love it!

3 Coats

With Top Coat

Lolly with a top coat looks similar to Sinful Colors Boom Boom

Phoebe:Bright Blue Matte with Shimmer. It is the only one with shimmer. I love this color.

3 Coats

With Top Coat

It is very similar to China Glaze Towel Boy Toy but Towel Boy Toy has blue shimmer.

I love these colors, but I hate that they are very streaky. I did one thin coat and two thick coats and they were still very streaky. Then, they also showed nail imperfections, which I can not stand! Ewww!! I don't know if its the way I applied it or just IDK! It's sad because I do love these colors, maybe I should just experiment with applying them next time.

Well thats all for now.
How does everyone else feel abou the mattes?

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  1. These are so pretty on you! I'm going to pass on them because I'm not a fan of mattes, but I think the colors in the line are great for summer!


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