Zoya Stunning Collection Swatches!

Hey guys! It's a stunning day and guess who is also looking very Stunning?
Zoya is with their new summer collection! Filled with bright creams and  these colors are definitely to die for!
 Darcy is a bright sunny yellow cream. It is sheer but builds up in 3 coats.

Micky is one of my faves!It is a warm pink cream I love the name and the color is super cute!

Thandie is a  soft sorbet orange cream. This is extremely gorgeous. This 3 coats.

Yana is a hot pink cream. This is a staple hot pink color. If you dont have a hot pink this one is for you. This is 2 coats.

Josie oh how I love the name reminds of the good old days when I was young girl watching Josie and The Pussy Cats. I can hear the song in my head now! Any who, this a pale but vivid green. I think this one has a few similar dupes like Essie Mojito Madness and Julie G-

Rocky is a sky blue creme. It is my favorite sky blue polish now. I love it to death this is 2 coats.

These colors scream summer. I love the bright cremes with the hint of shimmer. They dried slightly slower, but nothing drastic a quicy dry top coats helps that I have many ideas for nail art with these and one will be coming shortly! Stay tuned! You can find these on Zoya.com for $8 ea.

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