Zoya Pixie Dust Summer 2013 Swatches!

OMG!!! I have been too busy. I have finally got a JOB that I haven't had any time for these nails of mine. ): but I finally got that kick to to do it and I have to sho off these gorgeous polishes! The Zoya Pixies are back again this time it is the summer edition!

First up is Liberty. It is a true royal blue. The matte silver glitter is gorgeous in this. I love it matte and with top coat. This 2 coats.

Stevie is a light purple matte glitter. It stands out to me because I feel its more pastel-ish or maybe its just me. I still love it all the same! This is 2 coats.

Miranda shocked me because my initial reaction to it was not a great one, however once it was on I fell head over heels for it! I love how this pic came out it was so perfect! This is 2 coats.

Solange is a yellow gold matte glitter. This one was love at first sight. I just love the sparkle it makes. This was 3 coats.

Beatrix is a orange matte glitter. I hate to sound redundant but I love it! I cannot help it. This is 3 coats.

Last but not least is Destiny! It is a coral mattte glitter I thimk this is super cute. I love corals and this one was perfect. This is 3 coats.

I would have to say this was an awesome collection . I loved every color the texture was great just like the other pixiedust polishes and all dried fairly quick. I definately think out of all the textured polish collection this one is one of the best hands down. You can order these from Zoya.com for $9 ea. So I hope you guys enjoyed hopefully I wont be gone for long next time!

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