Zoya Pixie Dust Collection

Hey ladies! Long time no post! I have been getting things together and I finally had some time to do some swatchng an I am so glad I got to wear these awesome shads from Zoya. There most recent collection the Pixie Dust Collection featuring their new matte glitter texture.

Chyna is a vivis red  matte glitter. I love this one to death! It is very gorgeous and was the most opaque out the bunch. I am wearing it as I type! This was 2 coats

Godiva is a nude matte glitter. I love the glints of silver glitter in it . I love that sparkle and I thinks very subtle and cute. This wa 3 coats.

Dahlia is a black matte glitter. Love it!  It was slighly thick but nothing  too major. I think this is going to be my favorite to pair with something neon or bright. This was 2 Coats.

London is a grey matte glitter. Just lie Dahlia I think this is cool with a pop of color. This is 3 Coats.

Nyx is a dusty blue it reminded me of Skylar so I am in love with this color. I love how this one looks matte also. It is very beautiful! This 2 Coats

Vespa is a sage green matte glitter. I like this one, but I wish the color was a little more brighter. It still love the texture.This is 3 Coats.

OMG! Zoya rarely every disappoints me and this one was a no brainer that I'd love this collection! I think all are keepers for there wear and unique finishes. I have been wearing Chynafor 3 days now  and I only have minor wear and tear on my tips which is beyond crazy since I wash dishes everyday!
You can get this on Zoya's site for $9 ea. Hope you guys loved what you see and tell me how you feel about these ladies!
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  1. Love these. These are the best pics I've seen of this collection yet. I just might try a few but I think I'm going to go for the summer collection Pixie Dusts first.

  2. so pretty! i want them!!! please follow me back on my blog: http://myprettynailz.blogspot.com


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