Born Pretty Store CK- 04 Stamping Plate Review

Hey ladies! Hope everyone had a great holiday and got a lot of shopping done! I surely did not. Thanksgiving was awesome though my mom almost didn't make anything, but I persuaded her to make my favorites in the end! I gained a whole 5 pounds probably! Lol!

Today I'm kicking off things with this review I did for Born Pretty Store. If you know nothing about them it is a nail gals best friend! There is pretty much everything you can find for your nails. For example, striping tape, polishes, rhinestones, dotting tools, stamping plates, and etc.

 And speaking of stamping plates I was provided this to show you guys!
 This is the CK-04 stamping plate. There are 42 different fun designs to try.
I really love the designs!

Compared to my Red Angel plate the images are rather small. As you can see, I put the plate beside it to give you an idea of both sizes together.

Here is another size comparison. The first five designs are just to see how well they work. They came out really well. I just suck at stamping! The first image on the second row is an image from my RA- Plate that I compared by side the CK-04 image clearly these are smaller by far.

My first attempt at these didn't go to well. I had a lot missing. The pointer and pinkie finger I tried to patch up were I missed it. The two middle nails I showed them exactly how they stamped.

Here they are again all patched. I think if you can place the correctly they would come out perfect.
With long/wide nails they could be a problem. Since the images are small they don't fully cover.

I recently cut my nails and tried another image on my nails. They covered my nails much better short.
For the mani I used Zoya- Reagan & Shelby and LA Colors-Black Velvet. They came out perfect to me I loved this image!

I definitely think these are best for shorter nails, unless you can double stamp and patch perfectly. I do like the plate just wish the images were larger. I am going to be doing more with this plate since my nails are short right now. I hope you guys really like the plate, and thanks to Born Pretty Store for providing it to me to review. If you want to order this plate, you can go here were you can find it for $8.53. Pretty awesome price right?! Also I received a discount code for you all who love to nail art and etc. Check on the my side bar if you want to used it. Type it in when you checkout and you are good to go! Hope you guy enjoy and happy shopping!

(Product sent for review)

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