Hard Candy- Mr.Wrong and Lava

This odd but so beautiful lovely of mine, Mr.Wrong is sooooooo Right to me. He's an eggplant purple with gold shimmer AND!! on top of that He's a foil! OMG I've died and goin to polish heaven...Its a very different color than what Im used to. Guess thats why I like it so much. It also has the same finish to Zoya Crystal.

Lava...One Word Hot!!! It is so shimmery and Its a redish/orangy color. It glides on your nails so evenly. I just love this color and usually I hate reds but this one is to pretty to pass on it.

They cost $5.00 at Wal-Mart. The bad part about this is its so hard to find Hard Candy products. I didnt even go looking for these, but luckly I spotted them hiding behind a Nicole by OPI bottle at Wal-Mart.(Lucky for Me!)Hopefully I get lucky enough to find HC-Beetle, that would make my day.


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