Friday, November 25, 2011

Wet n Wild Craze- Goldmine and flower accent nail

I got this polish from Dollar General. It came in a pack of six different colors for only $4!!! Thanks to my BF for geting these for me.
Goldmine is a goldenrod yellow shimmer. It's so pretty and the quality of it is really good for it to be cheap.

This was  3 coats

I decided to do some flowers on my ring finger. the white flower and dots are Sally H. White Out and the red dots are Maybelline Sunrise Prisms
These came out to be really pretty and I just love them!!!

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nicole by OPI- OMB (Oh my Beibers!)

This was from the first set of the Justin Beibs Collection
I may not like this kid to much but he's no dummy he knew where to go if he wanted to get my money and I'm a sucker for shimmery colors and this one fits the bill.

OMB is a vibrant red metallic/foil shimmer with pink and golden tones in it.
This could had been a one coater but for my sakes and clumsiness it was 2 Coats.

I truly LOVE this color. It's like happiness in a bottle.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Miss Piggy Mani for OPI contest Help ME!!!!!

Hey ladies Ive so busy and I finally got around to doing my nails and came across a contest on OPI FaceBook page. So I jumped on it quick as possible. The winner will get to win the entire Muppets collection and there will be a different character theme and winner each week.
This week's theme is Miss Piggy:
I always thought she was a diva but in a good way.
                                       Omg! these took forever!!! But I like how they turned out.
So many polishes played roles into putting these together its crazy but I'ma tell you guys anyway

What I used:
OPI: Pros and Bronze, Whats With The Cattitude?, Fresh Frog of Bel Air
Zoya: Ivanka, Danii
Wet n Wild: Ebony Hates Chris
Urban Outfitters: peachy color(no name)
Sally Hansen: White Out
Maybelline: Sunrise Prisms
Nicole by OPI: OMB
a mix of Milani Golden Goddess, NOPI OMB and NYX Girls Collection Noir
and black and white acrylic paint
Anywho I really need all you ladies help. Please vote for my design. I'd really like to win and I'd definately do the same in return so please help me out. (:

Thanks fot reading!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Nicole by OPI- Follow Me on Glitter

Hey ladies!!! I am excited to show this color! It's from the new Kardashian Kolor collection. I lot of people hate the Kardashians!!! I just figured maybe Kim but not all of them. I personally like Khloe and Kendall out of all (and Rob he's so cute!!!) the rest just ahhhh no expecially KIM!!! She is really picking my nerves because I knew that marriage wasn't going to last and I be damned if it didnt, but anywho forget about them and back to this gorgeous color!!!!

Follow Me on Glitter is a gunmetal grey with silver glitter. It also has blue, yellow, red, green, purple, and orange glitter.
3 Coats

I had to get this one for originality I haven't seen anything like it and I LOVE it!!!!
What do you gals think? Do you love it or would you pass on it?

Thanks for Reading!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

OPI-Merry Midnight!!

Hey everyone! I finally got around to swatch one of my major OPI lemmings. Before I found it I thought there was no hope. I would only be able to get off Ebay or Evilbay as some may call it. But I got lucky at Merle Normans!

Merry Midnight is a berry purple with red flakies, silver micro glitter, and blue glitter
This was 4 coats

I just love this color!! It also gives me hope to finding other hard to find lemmings of mine. If you still cant find this I'm pretty sure all of you know of the Orly dupe Fowl Play. You must get either one because this color is a must have!!!!!
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