Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Colorful Fruits Mani

I have been wanting to do a fruit manicure for a while.
I just couldn't figure out what fruit I wanted to do,
so I chose a different fruit on each nail.
Here are the polishes I used:
Thumb:Orange China Glaze-Breakin and Orange Knockout, Sinful Colors-Cloud 9
Index:Strawberry China Glaze-Starboard and Sneakerhead
Middle:Cherry China Glaze-Sneakerhead
Ring:Watermelon OPI-Short Story, China Glaze-Starboard, Sally Hansen-Green With Envy
Pinky:Lemon China Glaze-Lemon Fizz, Hard Candy-Splendid
and the black and white are acryic paints
Here is how they turned out.

It is so bright, fun, colorful and fruity!lol

Monday, June 13, 2011

My Lifesaver Flowers Mani

My nail design today are super cute. I started out with Nicole by OPI My Lifesaver from the Justin Beiber Collection. Then I did a french on the tips with CG Secret Periwinkle except on the pointer finger.Then, I put white and pink flowers on my pointer and ring finger and stripers across the rest. Here's how it turned out.
Another girly cute design which I LOVE!!!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

CG-He's Going In Circles!!!

This my only polish from one of the best holo collections ever!
It's from China Glaze Kaliediscope collection and its
pure awesomeness. I wish I had the whole set.
Now on to the pics!!
I wish my nails were longer. It would sooo much more pretty.
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